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     "We are committed to creating holistic environments through brotherhood, peer support, and opportunities to better resolve the cycle of poverty and violence . We are dedicated to increasing access to social services and employment, creating equal opportunities, and reducing violence."

ROOTS Of RENEWAL is a brotherhood operating with a  non-profit  status  that provides transitional employment, mentorship and wrap around resources to people returning from prison. 


The prescription for reducing recidivism is simple in theory, though it is complex in practice. It involves helping formerly incarcerated people become self-sufficient. The key to which is employment. Yet, for a majority of those with a felony record, job opportunities are scarce. The results of this are devastating. For example, The New York Department of Labor found that 83% of offenders who violated probation or parole were unemployed at the time.


ROOTS has adopted a model of structured employment for formerly incarcerated people to successfully reenter society. We are most grateful to the staff and employees of Roots of Renewal for their generous guidance and support in creating a safe space for healing. 

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